Playable NFTs - The Unique Dimension of NFTs

NFTs have had a blast during the last year, and the momentum in India is squaring rapidly with the launching of Trimurti Playable NFTs. Take a glimpse of the first look of God of Destruction - Lord Shiva, Trimurti NFT on the official Twitter account of Zionverse .
Playable NFTs

NFTs - Non Fungible Tokens

Non Fungible Tokens, abbreviated as NFTs, have been in the digital ecosystem for not that long but have already created a storm in virtual space.
NFTs are digital assets that determine the ownership of digitally scarce goods like art pieces and more.

What are Playable NFTs?

NFTs are a talk among all the young and trendy as they are growing in fame to be purely digital assets that are at the heart of many modern trends that have all left the digital world lovers wanting a more interactive approach for all kinds of NFTs.
This demand was well-received as a fantastic opportunity by the other great digital hemisphere that has always excited and amazed many of us. Yes, you’re thinking right; the video game industry has made the wish of intractable NFTs a reality.
Playable NFTs - These are the cryptographically unique tokens that allow the owner to secure ownership of in-game items like plots of land, virtual sneakers or other clothing, etc.

Zionverse’s Playable NFTs

Playable NFTs
Indian Metaverse, Zionverse has launched a brand new collection of Playable NFTs, the Trimurti.
Containing the essence of Indian mythology into non-fungible assets, the Trimurti NFT collection is a great attempt to set Indian NFTs as recognized assets in the digital sphere.
You can get a glimpse of the Trimurti Playable NFTs from this recent activity of Zionverse on their Twitter account.
Unlike regular gaming, where the developers solely hold in-game attributes, crypto gaming lets you purchase and own those attributes with NFTs and offers the right to sell them outside the platform where they are created.
Possessing the features of Playable NFTs, Trimurti NFTs offer access to a distinct ZionVerse where you can use them to own assets in the game.

What can you do with Trimurti Playable NFTs?

i) Buy - buying the Trimurti NFTs gives the doors of the ZionVerse to the owners. ii) Stake - you can enter into the Yugas and stake the Trimurti Playable NFTs to generate more NFTs. iii) Burn - You can also choose to burn your Trimurti NFTs to enter the Founder DAO.
You can refer to this article published on the medium to find in detail about Zionverse and Trimurti Playable NFTs.

Tokenomics - Trimurti NFT

You can expect to experience the above features of Trimurti NFTs after buying them.

Purpose of Making Trimurti Playable NFTs

The Zionverse wishes to offer a robust economic system for our playable NFTs to aid value growth and hence user interaction. We have opted to utilize Defi layers to render the economic system to make it convenient, strong, and simple.
We hope that we can create a community that will be able to enjoy and explore the vast expanse and rich story of the Zionverse. Stay in touch to explore the opportunities to join the war on chaos.

What is Zionverse?

Zionverse is here answering that call from the humble streets of India, which is now shaping to be the next frontier for digital development. We wish to bring the world exciting NFT games from India that represent rich culture, ingenuity, and heritage.
The Zionverse has crafted a remarkable collection of playable NFTs in the form of Trimurti NFTs that houses the latest character-themed NFTs, allowing the owners to spawn and interact in our rendered metaverse that offers you an exhilarating journey to the ancient battle between chaos and order. Join the Zionverse Community on telegram.