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Zionverse is an NFT gaming ecosystem for Creators, Investors and Gamers to explore the first Indian Metaverse of its kind. A space that celebrates Indianness, Zionverse builds on the extremely diversified content library of Indian Culture, otherwise unexplored on a global level.

We, at Zionverse, aim to journey our tight-knit community into the world of Indian Metaverse Gaming and build upon the endless possibilities that it has to offer.


Social currency


Being Sanskaari just got better!

Zionverse acknowledges all kind-hearted and productive community members by rewarding them with Sanskaar Tokens: for simply being ‘SANSKAARI’!

Whether its content creation or your valuable engagement within the community, for every good seed you sow, Sanskaar Tokens you shall reap!

~ Energy Source


Powerhouse of the entire Zionverse ecosystem!

Shakti Token is at the heart of everything that takes place in Zionverse. Every transaction fuels up the value of the Shakti Token and drives utility back to the owner.

The more Shakti Tokens you own, the more Zionverse value will flow back to you. Shakti Token is the supreme token of future Zionverse.

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Upcoming products

Trimurti NFT

trimurti nft

Get access to the supreme powers of the holy trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, or Shiva, and gain Shakti Tokens, encompassing the ownership of the entire Zionverse ecosystem, with Trimurti NFT.

Zionverse app

Zionverse is a Playable NFT Metaverse yielding a sustainable digital ecosystem that's acts as a safe haven for game developers to develop games, artists to create their art, and designers to imagine.

zion app
zion app
Latest products

Desi NFT

Desi NFT

Desi NFT gives us a glimpse into the glorious history of India. It commemorates the vigorous and determined efforts of the great freedom fighters and their mission to overturn colonial rule. After all, our diversity unites us all in being Desi.

Lakshmi NFT

Lakshmi NFT

Lakshmi NFT, simply put, is an epitome of all things good in virtual space.

A lucky charm that holds the key to the magnificent doors of Zionverse, Lakshmi NFT is your pass to get assured access to all of Zionverse's upcoming endeavors.



When waves of uncertainty hit the shores and the dip got steeper, Zionverse came up with ‘Vishwaas NFT’, the light of trust in bleak times, exclusive to all Lakshmi NFT holders.

Vishwaas NFT is our gesture of gratitude towards our ever supportive and trustworthy community. It can be utilized to secure Trimurti NFT against the promised rewards of Lakshmi NFT rewards and make the best of its perks.

product roadmap

Phase 1 -

Phase 1 -

Ticket to the Metaverse

Opening the doors of metaverse to the community

Phase 2 -

Phase 2 -

Experience the Metaverse

Envision the metaverse like never before and be pioneers in creating the future with Zionverse.

Phase 3 -

Phase 3 -

Gaming in the Metaverse

Reimagined gaming genres with the amalgamation of Indian Culture and futuristic technologies.

Phase 4 -

Phase 4 -

Economizing the Metaverse

Where every community member is an owner of the decentralized economy of metaverse gaming.

Phase 5 -

Phase 5 -

Creating in the Metaverse

Every user has the ownership to customize their own experiences and stories in the Zionverse ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions

No questions shall go unanswered and no doubt shall prevail! We will try to solve as may concerns as possible.

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens represent digital assets. These digital assets can be anything: from art, collectibles, and music to memes, or in our case: playable in-game characters. NFTs are unique, can have only one official owner at a time, and are secured by the Ethereum blockchain (i.e. no one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence).

Playable character NFTs are digital assets that can be used inside games. These have major benefits over traditional non-NFT game assets. For example, actual ownership, traceable transaction history, provable scarcity, and interoperability to name a few.

Real world art and physical collectibles are valuable because they are one of a kind, while digital files can be copied and endlessly duplicated. NFTs solve this by allowing only one owner of each digital item, providing a digital certificate of ownership stored on a shared ledger known as the blockchain. This opens endless possibilities for digital content creators, helping them monetise without the fear of duplicity.