what is sanskaar token?

A good deed is never lost! ZionVerse rewards the acts of favor and aid done by the members of the ZionVerse ecosystem with 'Sanskar Tokens'. Appreciating the respectable and productive community members, this social token is awarded to the Zionvasis for simply being ‘SANSKAARI’!

Sanskar tokens are what you get for all you give to the community. Be it quality content creation or high frequency interactions; every good deed done will be rewarded and in turn you can utilize the tokens to upgrade your NFTs to higher tier and get better rewards, so we are all tied together as a stronger community committed to thrive together.

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Trimurti - Playable NFTs of Zionverse

What do I get with Trimurti NFT?

What is Shakti Token?

Shakti Token powers the entire ZionVerse ecosystem. It is the lifeblood of everything that takes place on the platform, every transaction fuels the value of the Shakti Token.

The more Shakti Tokens you own, the more ZionVerse value will flow back to you. This value generation will come back to the owner from the current ZionVerse ecosystems and from the future ecosystems as well. Shakti Token is the supreme token of ZionVerse.

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The ZionVerse Universe

ZionVerse is a Playable NFT Metaverse where people can spend time, have fun, interact with each other and basically live their digital lives. It is a Universe of possibilities with many sub-ecosystems (planets) of engagement.
Each sub ecosystem in ZionVerse will be a Planet. Some of the planets in the making are:
User Generated Games platform
We will be launching each game genre as a separate planet. Each Planet will be a DAO.

Product roadmap

zionverse products

ZionVerse is a Playable NFT Metaverse powered by a sustainable digital ecosystem, where the game developers will be developing games, artists creating their art, designers imagining innovative interactive designs, users digitally living and thriving in communities which share common goals and interests
lakshmi NFT
Lakshmi NFTs
As part of ZionVerse, an Indian Culture inspired universe, we created the Lakshmi NFTs. The NFT is a good luck charm with exciting staking rewards calculated with GPA and also provides an assured entry to the future endeavours of ZionVerse.


more than 5k nft sold.


sold out in just 19 days.


community count 10k+


more than 3k buyers.

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RannBhumi is an action-packed 5v5 team death matchgame played in a third-person perspective. The game environment and characters are used to tell the great legend of Mahabharta in a never been done before fashion. RannBhumi will take you on an epic experience of the battle between Pandavas and Kauravas.
Fight in the battle by representing the side of Kauravas or Pandavas and eliminate as many enemies as you can, save your allies on the battlefield and turn the tide of this never-ending war into your favor.
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