The Latest Developments In The Indian Metaverse Startup, Zionverse

What is hailed as the birth of a new universe in its online community, Zionverse has got its roots deep in the grounds of technology and has become one of the most popular and recognized Indian Metaverse Startups. If you haven't heard about Zionverse yet, it means you're missing out on a major technology boom that is all set to change the perspectives of Indian users about metaverse and NFT gaming.

About Zionverse

It is a smartly developed ecosystem of Playable NFT Metaverse where users can develop and play games, create art and a lot of other things.
In other words, Zionverse is a uniquely developed virtual world where users can imagine, innovate, and entertain themselves and others.
Zionverse grew as a big community soon with the launch of their playable NFTs The Trimurti and now thrives as a successful Indian mythology-inspired universe.

Exciting Additions in Zionverse

Even though the crypto world is experiencing a dip, Zionverse has not seen any step back from its community members, and the metaverse is still moving towards the next development stages.
The reason is the strong fundamentals of the project and a clear vision.
The great metaverse startup Zionverse already has so many exciting things associated with it, like The Trimurti NFTs, Shakti Token, RannBhumi 5V5 deathmatch game, etc.
But with the addition of Sanskaar Tokens and Vishwaas NFTs, the picture is now clearer to the users that Zionverse is here to stay and thrive as a great digital community.

Sanskaar Token

ZionVerse has launched Sanskaar Tokens to reward its community members for their support and aid.
The Sanskaar Token is a social token that will be given to all the community members for being a part of the metaverse.
Whatever you give to the online community of Zionverse, you get Sanskaari Token in return.
Members can utilize these tokens to upgrade their NFTs to a higher tier and claim better rewards.

Vishwaas NFT

The NFT market is facing strong waves in the market, but projects like Zionverse are still proving their strong grounds.
The Indian Metaverse Startup has recently brought Vishwaas NFT exclusively for the Laksmi NFT holders. The owners can use Vishwaas NFT in 3 different ways -
● You can use the Trimurti Pass worth USDC 100 airdropped to your ZionVerse account for free. ● You can Burn your Vishwaas NFT and earn USDC 65. ● You can Mint it and choose to sell it on the Secondary Market

Be a Part of the Great Indian Metaverse, Zionverse

Having even more exciting things ahead on its road map, Zionverse is now accepted by a larger audience and is trusted for developing a magnificent metaverse.
Many people recognize it as one of the best Indian Metaverse Startups, while many call its Trimurti NFTs the top Indian Playable NFTs.
The new additions to the project - Vishwaas NFTs and Sanskaar Tokens have raised the levels of trust in the users and are now seen as the most promising Metaverse project in India by crypto enthusiasts.
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