WEB 3.0 Games - The Evolution of Gaming

A new generation of games has already started to conquer the world, and the revolution is bound to change the aspects of gaming in terms of visuals, design, and complexity. Web3, often termed the next big shift in internet history, is set to initiate some big changes in the gaming world.
Web3 Games

With the birth of a modern and more interconnected digital space, the World Wide Web must also keep up and should be able to set a benchmark for the new digital possibilities that are incoming in the form of the metaverse, NFTs, and so much more.
The internet or the web is the fiber of all digital existence and hence should be able to offer coverage in all aspects of the space, such as data security, sharing, interaction, space rendering, and so much more.
WEB 3.0 calls for a more open approach from the internet where issues like blocking, request permissions, etc., would be abolished by employing decentralized server systems that are at the heart of the blockchain.

What is Web3 Gaming?

WEB3 gaming is an emerging technology that is introducing some broad changes in the relationship between players and platforms.
In direct terms, WEB 3.0 games are blockchain-powered business models that facilitate an extra feature of sharing in-game ownership with the players.

Zionverse - A WEB 3.0 UGC Based Gaming

Following the shift in the Gaming Paradigm from free to play, to play to earn, Zionverse is determined to be made the best UGC Based WEB 3.0 Gaming Platform.
The Project is based on the Indian Mythology that claims the eternal existence of the Universe. Zionverse aims to become a fully decentralized gaming platform that supports the Play to Earn feature.

What can be Expected from Zionverse?

As mentioned in an official Tweet from Zionverse, the WEB3 Gaming Platform can be expected to bring a magnificent experience for players. The platform would allow gaming enthusiasts to stretch their experience with features like making and playing video games on the same platform.
More details about the mission of Zionverse are projected in its Road Map.

How Is The Zionverse Web3 Gaming Platform Different?

WEB 3.0 Gaming is not about just planning, but deploying the very true nature of the project is a must. Zionverse is backed by advanced features and focuses on the following attributes to deliver the best experience to the gamers.
The platform is pacing towards the final phase with the right tools and distinguishes itself from the rest with the following -
i) Democratized in-game ownership through NFTs ii) AAA quality graphics with sustainable gaming models iii) Strong tokenomics iv) Creator Focused Gameplay

Zionverse’s Road Map

Web3.0 in India has a huge impact as it can offer a new outlook from the age-old web 2.0 interfaces. The 3.0 space in India would allow for the development of more integrated websites that offer a better user interface and require fewer permissions. WEB 3.0 is specially optimized for the existence of open and craft-able digital spaces for games, NFTs, and VR and AR experiences.
Referred to as the first decentralized Roblox, Zionverse is following a defined path to achieve its final target of launching the best UGC-based WEB 3.0 Gaming Ecosystem.
Check out Zionverse’s Road Map - Phase 1 - Ticket to the Metaverse Providing preferred access to the community. Phase 2 - Experience the Metaverse Art of the Possible - Explore worlds, Interesting takes on the Metaverse Phase 3 - Gaming in the Metaverse Indian Culture based games across popular gaming types. Phase 4 - Creating the Metaverse Economy Participation in games as owners Phase 5 - Creativity in the Metaverse Giving users the freedom to create their own stories

Enter the New Gaming Era with Zionverse

Web3 games are more focused on player experience as they can handle heavy data transfer thanks to the decentralized data system. VR games require a strong data stream to render a 3D view to the headsets and also receive the player's action in real-time. This system can be supported with the help of a stronger and more distributed data chain.
We at Zionverse wished to embrace this opportunity of a new web system and the opportunities of Web3 Gaming in India and hence created the digital space of Zionverse that can be a place for players to hang out with friends, go on adventures and also explore the stories from the mythological past of India. The zionverse is rendered to support a strong layer Defi play-to-earn system that begins with character NFTs that are a part of the Trimurti NFT collection.
Stay tuned to our social channels and website to get the latest updates about WEB 3.0 India with zionverse.