The Indian Metaverse - Zionverse

Metaverse is the talk of the hour and has drawn the attention of almost everyone. As virtuality is taking over, the importance of the term has intensified, and people are focusing on extracting amazing experiences of the Metaverse.
Indian Metaverse

What is Metaverse?

It might be too early to define Metaverse in a single definition, but if we still give it a try, this could probably explain the term -
Metaverse is an expansive network that combines the elements of both virtual reality and augmented reality. Users can explore the different dimensions of the world with even those who don’t share the same physical space.
Continuing the explanation, Metaverse can be said to be a futuristic version of the internet where people can explore, create, buy, and sell virtual items like cars and clothes.

Few Important Things About Metaverse

i) Owned by Users It is not owned and operated by any single authority. Metaverse is a completely user-operated digital space where they can exercise full control over their data.
ii) Safer for Transactions The transactions in the Metaverse are all based on blockchain technology that ensures safer transactions traceable in the physical world.
iii) Blockchain Technology Is The Core Of The Metaverse Metaverse is developed around Blockchain Technology that promotes the virtual world with the following features - digital proof of ownership, digital collectibility, transfer of value, governance, accessibility, and interoperability.

Zionverse - The Indian Metaverse

Zionverse is one of the most advanced metaverse startups in India that has already covered the initial stage of development.
It is a Playable NFT Metaverse where people can spend time, have fun, interact with each other, and thrive as a digital community. The Indian Metaverse, Zionverse, is a Universe with multiple possibilities and various planets(sub ecosystems) of engagement.
If you are ready to accept something beyond the present and want to explore the wider dimensions of the virtual world, Zionverse is the place to explore, create, and do a lot more with your imagination and creativity.
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