Metaverse - The Gaming Revolution

The digital world has always been the home to a number of us that have honed our skills in playing games. The journey for most of us would begin with simpler games like the story of Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra and many more legendary and cherished arcade games. Metaverse Gaming is the newest hype in the gaming dimension as it is applying VR technology to the whole digital space at an unseen scale.

What is Metaverse Gaming?

The term metaverse has never demanded a definition as it is a rendering of anything we can imagine. The gaming world has always pushed in the direction of enhancing the player experience by offering better quality visuals, this also involves offering a 3D view as in the case of the metaverse, but here the players are not bound by a story or a set environment. Metaverse is expansive without any limitations.

Zionverse - NFT Gaming Universe

The Indian metaverse space has become the home of pure creation, with so many people taking an interest in expressing their ideas in the digital dimension. And one such uniquely created gaming world is Zionverse.
Zionverse is a much-hyped Indian Metaverse that is a playable NFT Gaming Universe. The gaming world, Zionverse, shares the vision of creating a persistent digital gaming space with superheroes and supervillains inspired by Indian Mythology.

Zionverse on Social Media

A good amount of followers back the Twitter account of Zionverse, and the numbers are regularly growing. As mentioned on the Twitter profile, Zionverse is a fully decentralized UGC Gaming platform based on Indian Culture and Historical Characters.

What is UGC in Gaming?

UGC in gaming stands for User Generated Content and can be defined as any kind of content(image, text, 3D models, and code) created by users on the platform where the content is published.
Although UGC has existed in gaming for a long time, it was never so welcomed by the developers as in today’s modern world.
Zionverse is a carefully and creatively developed UGC-based gaming space and lies as a huge digital property in the world.

Zionverse in the News

It is not just hype; Zionverse has made it to the headlines with its exponential growth objectives
As published in an article on BW Disrupt, Totality Corp., a metaverse startup founder of Zionverse, raised 13.5 crores and is looking to utilize the funds for product enhancement and other crucial objectives.
According to a news article published on the VCCircle, the metaverse startup Totality Corp. has raised funds from Leo Capital and Mayfield.
In the same article, the founder of Totality Corp, Anshul Rustaggi explains a little about the Zionverse.
ZionVerse will bring superheroes and supervillains inspired by Indian mythology. Indian mythology has some of the richest content and we want to bring this depth to the world through gaming. Totality is attempting to create a holistic experience in which users can simultaneously play, earn, transact, and socialise,

There are hot talks about Indian Metaverse, Zionverse, and it seemed obvious as many media platforms covered the story of Totality Corp.
The changing times have been definitive in the gaming world; today, we have many different types of game genres such as action-packed FPS and TPS shooter, automobile racing, Sports, career-driven RPG, Open world PVP and Battle Royale, and much more as a new genre can be created by mixing various concepts to together.

The Unique Attributes Of Zionverse

Not just the current portfolio of superheroes or supervillains characters, but Zionverse stands unique with a number of other exciting attributes.
Zionverse is a - i) Truly decentralized ii) DeFi iii) Playable NFTs iv) Play to Earn and Planetary DAOs v) Big Founder DAO

The Mission of Zionverse

Zionverse is among the few metaverse startups in India and globally, offering play-to-earn digital space that we dubbed Zionverse.
We are also focused on sharing our history, culture, and mythology and hence harness the concept of the eternal battle between order and chaos across the ages(Yugas in Sanskrit ), as is reflected in the ancient scriptures and mythology of our great culture.
The integration of the story and space are further enhanced with the help of our NFT collection that is developed to offer some of our characters as NFTs for the enthusiast to purchase and interact with.

More About Zionverse

Zionvese is a fully blown metaverse gaming ecosystem that is truly decentralized. Unlike other metaverse crypto games, zionverse focuses on offering a stable economic and interaction system and hence employs Defi layers for rendering in-game earnings and rewards along with blockchain-based Character NFTs.
Our metaverse gaming NFTs are compiled in the form of an NFT collection titled Trimurti NFTs that are set to go on the floor soon. The enthusiasts can stay informed by following our social channels or by visiting our website.