The Explosive Playable NFTs Collection - Trimurti

NFTs have exploded in value in recent years and have become the biggest buzzword across the globe. With so many NFT projects rolling out every day, there is a need to identify the utility of NFTs as these are not mere pieces of digital art.

What are NFTs?

Apart from this basic information, you must know the following things about NFTs - i) NFTs are digital cryptographic tokens available on the Blockchain and can not be copied. ii) NFTs offer a medium to represent physical world items like artwork and real estate in the virtual world. iii) Buying and selling tangible assets of the natural world is easier through NFTs, and it also reduces the probability of fraud. iv) NFTs can also be used to represent individual identities, property rights, etc.

NFTs and Gaming - Playable NFTs

Video Games have given a firm surface for NFTs to prove their utility. As Play to Earn games are gaining momentum, Playable NFTs are a new variant evolving out of the NFT revolution.
Playable NFTs - These are unique cryptographic tokens that can be used to make in-game purchases and claim ownership of virtual items like clothing accessories, land, etc.

NFTs Merging into Games

The fusion of NFTs into gaming has led to the rise of Play to Earn video games, and there is a notable shift of gamers towards the new gaming new modules.
And the biggest reason behind the shift is that enjoyment is not the only incentive you get with play-to-earn crypto games. Players can have fun and, at the same time, win rewards for playing the crypto games.

How are Crypto Games Different?

In regular video games, the in-game assets are held on data networks, and the creator companies are the sole owners.
The newer pattern of gaming, crypto gaming, allows users to own in-game items like the content, place, or other accessories and sell those items outside the platform, which was never a possibility with traditional gaming.

Zionverse and its Playable NFTs, The Trimurti

One of the few initiators of a metaverse in India, Totality Corp has created Zionverse with a fantastic collection of Playable NFTs, the Trimurti.
Zionverse is a Playable NFT Metaverse powered by a sustainable digital ecosystem. The virtual world will allow game developers to develop games, artists creating their art, designers to imagine innovative interactive designs, and users to digitally live and thrive in communities that share common goals and interests.
Playable NFTs of Zionverse would allow the owners to claim actual ownership along with the features like traceable transaction history, provable scarcity, interoperability, and more.
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