The Growth of Crypto Gaming and Playable NFTs

The world is looking to invest in the blooming realm of cryptocurrencies. Nearly every major industry is interested in blockchain technology. The gaming business promises to be among the first to incorporate blockchain technology with Playable NFT. But how does the future hold for this technology? Here between blockchain and gaming communities, there is currently a strong interlink that has the potential to fire up a digital revolution. Blockchain enthusiasts are also inclined to like and actually engage in games. The gaming industry's love of NFTs reflects this, with many rare and precious NFTs being marketed throughout games.
Crypto Gaming

Blockchain Gaming

A blockchain is a mechanism that employs cryptography to sequentially bind together chunks of data.Blockchain games are distinguished from traditional games by the notion wherein each digital asset is distinct.
For these digital assets, a non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique data unit held on the blockchain that is termed a Playable NFT.

Harnessing NFT Gaming Opportunities

Play to earn is a type of blockchain gaming in which a player wins their individual unique NFT(s) or cryptocurrency based on their performance in the game, which they can subsequently convert to real money.
Interestingly, gaming is among the most lucrative and widely used blockchain applications. Despite its link with Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain is presently the cornerstone of the NFT trade.
The production of digital assets, as well as the flexibility with which they'll be bartered and redeemed, is one of its most essential applications.

Some Cool Stats on Why NFT Games Could be the New “IT” Thing!

According to freshly extracted industry data from Global Market Estimates, the international non-fungible tokens market is expected to broaden at a pace of 185 percent between 2021 and 2026, with gamers accounting for a significant portion of this development.
NFT trading volume increased radically from $2.67 billion in December 2021 to $6.86 billion in January 2022, according to statistics from The Block Research.
In much less than a month, total transaction volume virtually tripled, with the number increasing through the various NFT platforms.
The statistics prove that the NFT culture is here to stay and the NFT gaming community is not up for sitting back on the sides.

Gear up with the Unbeatable Power of The Trimurti- Step into the Zionverse

With rapidly expanding rates of discoveries in blockchain, India's metaverse area has become the home of pure invention.
Zionverse is one such individually constructed gaming environment.
The Zionverse is a playable NFT Gaming Universe based on Indian mythology, and has the goal of building a lasting digital gaming realm with superheroes and supervillains.

What’s that Smelling like a whole lot of Awesomeness? – Gaming NFTs you Can’t Resist.

Zionverse is a Playable NFT Metaverse that is supported by a long-term digital ecosystem.
Game developers will be able to create games, artists will be able to create art, designers will be able to envisage creative interactive ideas, and users will be able to digitally live and prosper in communities with similar goals and interests.
Owners of Zionverse’s Trimurti NFTs would be able to claim genuine ownership, as well as features such as traceable transaction history, verifiable exclusivity, compatibility, and more. Connect with us on Discord for more updates.