How India Can Lead the Web 3 Gaming Industry?

Gaming has not been the expertise of Indian software developers of the older times. But the present generation is all aware of video games, and with some of the most promising startups of Web 3 Gaming in India, we can expect to find a better place in the list of leading game developing countries.

Web3 Gaming

With ongoing advancements in the new itinerary of the internet, Web3 is definitely coming on the grounds of an evolution of the internet.
Web 3 technology can also revolutionize the gaming experience of people, which is evident with so many companies jumping into the field of Web3 Gaming.
The world has shown a shift from traditional Gaming to web 3 gaming that is being hailed for its engaging experience and the Play to Earn(P2E) model.

What is so Different About Web 3 Games

The main idea on which Web 3 Gaming is focused is to offer more control to the players inside the game.
Web 3 Games, unlike traditional video games, allow the players to own in-game assets that they can trade to any other platform.
Does that sound interesting to you? Honestly, it is even more interesting and fun to play these games when you know that you can earn within the game.
These games are developed by integrating blockchain into the gaming ecosystem and offer more control to the users to decide when the game should evolve.
Another distinct factor of Web 3 Games is its P2E model. While earlier the games used to be based around the Pay to Play model, the new Web 3 Games are built in a way where users can earn inside the game and can be rewarded in terms of cryptocurrencies or other tradeable game tokens.
It further led to the creation of a new financial market, where users can buy, store, or sell gaming NFTs that are distinctive and have real value.
Interoperability is another unique thing about Web 3 Games which allows cross-platform linking of players and in-game assets.

Web 3 Gaming in India - Zionverse

How the future accepts any technology can be predicted only by the response it is getting in the present.
Web 3 Gaming has become a globally accepted gaming form, and India is not lagging behind this time.
Zionverse has emerged as one of the most phenomenal gaming startups in India. We have built a UGC-based Web 3 Gaming Ecosystem that offers users a super interactive virtual gaming world.
Players can also earn rewards in terms of digital tokens or NFTs that are tradable on the blockchain. The Trimurti NFTs of Zionverse gives you special access to the project, and the Sanskaar Tokens provide access to the entire digital world of Zionverse.
With an enthusiastic team of developers passionate about building an extraordinary gaming world, Zionverse is the best Startup of Web 3 Gaming in India committed to expanding the gaming metaverse to new dimensions.
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