Is Metaverse the Next Big Thing?

Metaverse is one of the most discussed terms these days, and you must have heard of it for sure in the past one or two months. What is gaining hype as the next big thing in the world, the Metaverse? Is it really going to change the online experience of users? How is metaverse gaming making an impact, and what is happening in the Indian Metaverse? Let's find out all of these things in this article.


Though the term has gained multiple definitions in recent times, it is important to move forward in the article with one.
Definition: In simplest terms, a metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds formed by merging physical worlds with different virtual spaces.
Users can enter the Metaverse, interact with other users from any part of the world, create and play games, work, organize concerts, and possibly do everything they can in the real world.
Is it why Metaverse is being called the future of the internet or the next big thing?
No, there's a lot more.

Progressive Future of Metaverse

More than just a term, Metaverse is a technology that can make our online identities more relevant and important than the physical world.
With ongoing advancements being made by Metaverse Startups like Zionverse, you can expect that the world will progress further with some great technology revolutions and most of which will be in terms of -
  • ever-improving graphics processing units (GPUs),
  • photorealistic 3D engines,
  • faster content generation through volumetric video and artificial intelligence, increasing prevalence of cloud computing and 5G
  • More sophisticated and better-understood blockchain infrastructure.
  • From the human perspective, the future of the Metaverse can bring a directed development in extended reality(XR) technologies, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and brain-computer interfaces (BCI).

Metaverse Gaming

People with partial knowledge about the Metaverse consider it just a new form of gaming.
If you dig a bit to find the history of the term, Metaverse is not a new thing, but Metaverse Gaming is definitely a revolutionary attribute of it.
Metaverse Gaming allows users to extend their gaming experience beyond the physical world, where they can play their favorite games with a virtual avatar.
The new gaming model, Metaverse Gaming, infuses tools like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and AI that enhance the playing experience of the users.
So it is another way, Metaverse is set to bring a change in the future of the world.

The Popular Indian Metaverse - Zionverse

Zionverse is one of the most advanced-built Indian Metaverse that is on its way to building a highly interactive digital ecosystem.
It is a UGC-based Web 3 gaming platform that will be offering a quick digital escape from the real world.
We know that it sounds interesting, but what's even more exciting is that Zionverse rewards the users with its SANSKAAR Tokens.
Users can utilize these tokens to upgrade the Plyable NFTs, 'The Trimurti', to a higher tier.
Metaverse startups like Zionverse are propelling the technology to newer dimensions, promising high-tech virtual reality to the world.
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