Top Indian NFT Collection Launches Amid the Crypto Winters

The NFT market is slipping down, and the overall sales value has drastically fallen on big NFT marketplaces like Open sea. Then what makes Zionverse launch another Indian NFTs project amid the crypto winters? Let’s take a rundown of the current NFT market situation, what the market can expect in the future, and how Zionverse is riding the strong waves of the market.

The Future of NFTs

According to the recently published reports of the Global Non-Fungible Tokens Market by Offering, the global NFT market size is estimated to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2022 to USD 13.6 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 35.0% during the period.
The figures are interesting, just like the NFT market, isn’t it?
It is also mentioned in the reports that the main driving force of the momentum will be formed by the increasing influence of celebrities for NFTs, the paradigm shift in the modern gaming industry, and the constant increase in the rise of demand for digital artworks.
Going by the report, it appears that the future of NFTs is brighter and looking at the successful launch of Indian NFTs by Zionverse, you’ll find enough evidence for it.

Latest Indian NFTs Launch

Zionverse, one of the most successful and advanced Indian Metaverse Startups, has been an active player in the NFT industry and has already launched top-performing NFT projects in the past.
The most recent Indian NFTs collection launched by the startup is the DESI NFT.

About DESI NFT Collection

It is a collection of 3D stamp NFTs created by Zionverse to pay tribute to the Indian freedom fighters in the Web 3 style on the 75th Indian Independence Day.
The digital artwork pieces in the DESI NFT collection give you a glimpse of the glorious history of India and the freedom fighters who were determined to outthrow the foreign colonial rule over India.
More than just digital artwork pieces, these Indian NFTs are designed to celebrate the desi-ness, the mutual love of Indians for their culture and the ever-growing patriotism for their beloved country.
You can collect these amazing Indian NFTs from the official website of Zionverse. Old users can log in to collect the DESI NFT. If you are a new user, you need to create an account on Zionverse, which takes only a few steps.

The Glory of NFTs Shall Continue

After the previously launched Indian NFTs collection by Zionverse called the “VISHWAAS NFT,” which was intended to build a bond of trustworthiness in its online community, the DESI NFT is another addition to its glorious developments.
Every NFT project of Zionverse is launched with the purpose of taking the Indian NFTs to the global stage and is designed with well-defined utility.
You can refer the DESI NFTs to your friends to get an opportunity to be one of the 75 community members of THE DESI VINTAGE CLUB. The club members will be rewarded with the NFTs depicting historical events of the Indian freedom struggle.
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