The Top Trends of Web 3 and Blockchain Technology

Trends of Web3

Web 3 and Blockchain

The orientation of the internet is changing towards Web 3, and new technology trends are emerging in the process. The future of Web 3 is reflecting some positive patterns of development, considering which businesses have started focusing more on strengthening their technical part to keep pace with the fast-moving technology.
Another new technology that is gaining high attraction is Blockchain. What was earlier just a term to define the functioning of cryptocurrency has now become the base for many advanced developments.
The result of Web 3 and Blockchain technologies can already be found in our surroundings in the following remarkable developments.

Artificial Intelligence

It is one of the most revolutionary achievements of Web 3. The power of Artificial Intelligence has multiplied several times over the past few years, and it has already generated a need in various sectors.
We can use artificial intelligence as a good reason to affirm that the future of Web 3 holds the development of multiple technological developments.
Developers have established a close link between AI with human intelligence, and its performance capabilities have reached new levels.
You can use AI to create new items in the market without fumbling through any challenges.
Web 3 institutes various technologies, including AI technologies and pattern learning, that can be used to create new photographs, texts, and videos through codes.

Application Building Software

Apps are considered to be the closest option to experience in-store experiences virtually and have become a valuable asset for companies.
Businesses tend to establish a strong presence in the digital world and an app is the best option.
But most small enterprises face obstructions in launching an app due to the complexities in the development phase.
With web 3 gaining momentum, there is a rise in the development of low or no-code app creation platforms.
Using the power of these web 3-based channels, you can create apps without having any coding experience.

BaaS - Blockchain as a Service

It is another trend that comes from the domain of blockchain technology. BaaS has already been adopted by various companies across the world.
BaaS allows users to collaborate with Blockchain to create digital products like decentralized applications(Dapps), smart contracts, and other services that usually don’t require the use of a complete blockchain structure.
Among the few companies that offer BaaS services are Microsoft and Apple.

What is the Future of Web 3 in India?

It is expected that Web 3 in India is going to have a positive impact on the lives of people and on the economy of the country too.
The next generation of the internet, Web 3, will allow organizing the data on decentralized platforms that will enhance the ease of accessing data across different networks.
Zionverse, one of the most successful web startups in India, has taken a leap forward and has designed a Web 3-based metaverse that will allow users to create and play games in a virtual ecosystem.
Web 3 is not a new term, but it entered the segment of the most talked topics with the advent of NFTs and Metaverse.
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