Complete Guide to Playable NFTs and NFT Crypto Games

You have heard about NFTs a lot and now are excited to expand your knowledge of the topic. Or maybe you’re too much into gaming and now want to try NFT crypto games and learn what Playable NFTs are. Find the best feed for your curiosity about the subject in this concise guide about Playable NFTs.

Playable NFTs

NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens, are a kind of digital currency that represent art, music, and other digital assets.
When the world was thinking that NFTs were just about digital forms of art, the gaming industry stepped in front and created a bang with Playable NFTs. These NFTs defined a great application of the Non Fungible Tokens and gave a new direction to the concept.

What are Playable NFTs?

Playable NFTs are in-game assets that are tradeable. Players can claim the ownership of these NFTsn and can buy or sell them on the Blockchain.
In other terms, these are NFTs that can be used to play games or can be earned as rewards or unlocked in an NFT- crypto game.
Isn’t it a great application of NFTs?
NFTs have had a revolutionary impact on the gaming world and led to the launch of NFT-Crypto Games.

What is an NFT-Crypto Game?

It is a new model of gaming that is based on the concept of Play-to-Earn. Yes, these games allow the users to mint NFTs while playing the game.
Players can trade these NFTs with other users on the Blockchain for profit. This feature of NFT games got them the tag of a great way to generate passive income while having fun playing games.
NFT-Crypto Games are built with mechanisms based on NFTs. Moreover, you can find NFTs in the rules of these games or for player interaction.
To make it all possible, game developers use smart contracts to implement the rules for NFTs used while playing the game.

Difference Between NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

There’s a lot happening in the crypto world, making it hard for you to understand the actual concept.
One such thing is how NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies.
The main difference between the two is - NFTs are non-fungible while cryptocurrencies are fungible.
What does fungible mean? It means something that is interchangeable.
For example, a Bitcoin can be exchanged for another bitcoin as both have the same value. On the other hand, an NFT is a distinct piece of digital token that has its own unique value determined by its uniqueness or rarity.

Top NFTs in India - The Trimurti Playable NFTs by Zionverse

Playable NFTs have led to the creation of a different term called Game-fi, which is a merger of Gaming and Finance.
With the technology revving at such a higher speed, it can be expected to see some keen response from an Indian Startup, and Converse has done the same.
It has launched a collection of Playable NFTs, The Trimurti, and the project, which immediately grew as a collection of Top NFTs in India.
The Trimurti NFTs come with exciting staking offerings, and there are many other features of it that have brought the project great recognition in the Indian NFT world.
Click here to know more about The Trimurti Playable NFTs and join our discord to stay updated about Zionverse, an Indian Metaverse Startup.