Playable NFTs in India: Fad, Future, or Flop?

Metaverse Gaming

NFTs were born in 2015 and have only grown since then. These one-of-a-kind digital artworks, created using Non-Fungible Tokens, have earned popularity and attention in India, much like in other parts of the world. Playable NFTs are currently the most popular NFT derivatives for the right reasons. In simpler words, a piece that cannot be exchanged for one of equal value is said to be non-fungible.
Is there a definite way of guaranteeing the ROI on NFTs? Well, an NFT's value may rise or fall in the future, depending on the situation, just like any other investment. Anything digital, including music, artwork, and even your heart that has been downloaded and turned into an AI, can be an NFT. But most of the present Indian NFT enthusiasm and complexity is around the sale of digital art as images, videos, or animated GIFs.
Here are three things you should know about NFTs if you're just joining the bandwagon since they are here to stay:
NFTs have a limited supply: "Minting", a piece of digital art or music as an NFT, provides the means to establish ownership of it. A content supply cap allows for a gradual increase in value. Playable NFTs are an excellent approach to securing high-value, limited-edition NFTs.
Blockchains serve as the foundation for NFTs: The Ethereum blockchain is home to the majority of NFTs. Similar to dogecoin or bitcoin, Ethereum is a type of cryptocurrency, but it stands apart due to its support for NFTs.
NFTs are electronic signatures or receipts: Making art into an NFT as a creator is a way to include a digital signature that cannot be altered or taken away. Playable NFTs are regarded as the digital equivalent of the kind of receipt you would get from a real purchase by collectors.
In India in 2020, NFTs paved the way as the country went digital. However, they came to pass when Indian celebrities- athletes, musicians, actors, and humanitarians—turned their attention to the area and began expressing a significant interest in it. As a result of people's desire to own some of these exclusive tokens and get closer to their favourite celebrities, the use of NFTs in India has skyrocketed and broken the glass ceiling of many people's faith in it.
India has surpassed all other countries in the adoption of NFT games; of the 400 million players there, 34% have already played P2E games, and 11% plan to do so in the future. According to growth projections, India is developing into a haven for gaming firms looking to break into and seize the markets with their cutting-edge blockchain-based games.
In 2022, gaming firms will receive more financial backing and will be building a complete gaming infrastructure and environment. There are now 400 gaming firms in India, and the number is steadily increasing. Numerous associations and investors have shown interest in the creation of these games due to the overwhelming interest they have gotten from players.
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